Patwa Haweli @ Sarafan Ki Pole, Sarafa Bazaar, Jodhpur

About the haweli:

Its an privately owned old heritage haweli. It is located in the heart of the walled city with the Fort & Umaid palace in the backdrop. A narrow passage from the main city road, reminiscent of the streets of Benaras, leads to this marvel. It is very close to two famous old colonies Pungalpada & Sarafon ki pole. It is the replica of the Patwa haweli in Jaisalmer & is famous for its unique traditional architecture. The haweli has ten rooms with preserved heritage architecture, carved hanging balconies, courtyards, wooden ceilings, traditional arches, doors & windows with two roof-top terraces for dining.

The Haweli focuses on the theme of retaining the:

_DSC4002 copy copy

  • Cultural heritage

It focuses on preserving the physical artefacts & intangible attributes that are inherited from the past generations maintained in the present & bestowed for the benefit of future generation.


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