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1 jaaliArt & Architecture

Haweli with a traditional countenance having exquisitely carved stonework, with arched openings, pillars,arches,antique carved doors,windows & jaali patterns . The chowk & other elements are used for the perfect architectural response to the state’s diverse culture & climate.

One of the oldest hawelis of rajasthan stands in a narrow lane that leads to a broad welcoming courtyard which defines the perfect spatial organisations of those times, courtyard being in the heart of the haweli also serves as a micro climate modifier & also adds intangible effects to the spaces.


The haweli has :

  • Rajasthani paintings embellished on the walls
  • Beautiful arches & carved brackets defining entrances, Antique doors with elaborate carved panels 
  • Arched windows letting in the glimpse of blue city 
  • Jaali patterns allowing the light & even managing the extremities of temperature/weather
  • IMG_3833
  • Coloured glass ventilators forming dynamic colour patterns
  • Box wooden ceilings for storage & various hidden storage spaces enriches the haweli from inside.

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